Improve the use of English in Tourism Organizations

The Project

The project TourENG wants to improve the use of English in Tourism Organizations , contributing to “a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organization: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities”. The results of the project will have impact on employees involved as well as organizations, such as: • increased competence in foreign languages; • increased level of digital competence; ” as well as better understanding of interconnections between formal, non-formal education, vocational training, other forms of learning and labor market respectively; • increased opportunities for professional development; • increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work.

Intellectual Outputs

Interactive Learning Tool

This tool includes a set of learning videos and didactical material, aimed to tourism specific content. Objectives:

– Develop a didactical concept for the learning tool and a curriculum for the video based learning. – Develop the content of the video based interactive learning system in terms of the real life situations and scenarios. – Determine the frame and the content of the subsequent related exercises (quizzes, role play, dictation, vocabulary). – Introduce gamification elements. – Have an interactive tool (tourism vocabulary for tour guides and employees in hotel and restaurant) in 4 languages (TR, PT, RO and SI). – Film the videos (based on real life situations and scenarios) in English including shootings derushing and editing. – Have a recorded lexicon of tourism terms in English. – Develop and input the subtitles for the videos in four languages (TR, PT, RO and SI). The interactive learning tool will contribute to facilitate the acquisition of technical language of English in tourism for the learner, by providing exercises allowing them to develop and by encouraging to revise their general knowledge of grammar, in the particular context of a tourism. To be able to see our learning videos and didactical material please go to our learning platform.  
Training Handbook for Multipliers Facilitating Self Learning of Language Competences in Tourism

The objective of this handbook is to develop a Self-Learning Package for the multipliers/coaches of English in Tourism. The expected outcome is a package of methodological guidelines and a set of modules for consultants/coaches/mentors of training providers working with managers and employees of tourism SMEs to use modern media to support language learning in Tourism SME This handbook will explore some topics:

(1) language learning facilitation skills; (2) media competency (selection of appropriate media for learning, knowledge of available resources; (3) technical skills of handling media) integration of language learning in a wider program of key competency development; (4) curricula development and monitoring and evaluation of learning. A strong emphasis will be on practical skills of media production and use of multimedia in in- company training. See the handbooks in each country language:
Handbook English version Turkish version Portuguese version Romanian version Slovenian version  
Tutorial for Hotels and Restaurants to Use and Produce Video for Workplace Learning of English

The tutorial will instruct practitioners in tourism organizations on how to create and use digital self learning material.

Practical tutorial in paper, website and video tutorial format to instruct users, as tourism organization learning responsibles (managers, owners, staff) on how to use video for learning purposes in their organizations. The example and focus will be English language learning, but the methodology is relevant for additional fields of learning, technical knowledge as well as key competencies. The tutorial will use a traditional paper brochure to connect with traditional learning habits, but the main points will also be presented in a series of instructional videos, presented on the web platform, but also publicly on YouTube in order to draw additional attention. See the E-Brochure and the Tutorial in each country language:
English version Turkish version Portuguese version Romanian version Slovenian version EBrochure
Mobile Application

The objective of this output is to adapt the Interactive Learning System to running on mobile devices.

All content will be adapted to run efficiently on mobile devices. Target groups are often more used to work with mobile devices for organizing their everyday life and communication needs. Therefore, preparing the learning content in a way to run efficiently on mobile devices will make the content much more attractive and accessible for the end users. The content will be organized in small units of under one minute, so that learning in everyday situations like work breaks will be possible. Gamification elements will increase the attractiveness further. The main content will be presented and the system will be open for integrating user generated content. The content will be an OER, accessible for all those interested, with a potentially unlimited outreach. To access mobile application please use the following link. See the TIPS FOR USE THE ELEARNING PLATFORM in each country language:
English version Portuguese version Romanian version Slovenian version Turkish version  


Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. H. Güçlü YAVUZCAN
Gazi University




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